Guatemala, Feb 23rd, 2023

We meet Estefani at El Gran Café, Los Volcanes coffee shop in Antigua. El Gran Café features coffees grown by producing partners that work with Los Volcanes. After a few delicious coffees we head to the Los Volcanes cupping lab at La Esperanza, the mill and experimental farm also operated by Los Volcanes.

(La Esperanza Drying Patio)

On the cupping table today, I am tasting all of the fresh harvest coffees that I am already expecting to buy, ensuring that quality has remained the same. I am pleased to find that everything is tasting even better this year! I am buying over 50,000 lbs of coffee this year through Los Volcanes, so ensuring the quality of my purchase meets my expectations is beyond important.

(La Esperanza Cupping Lab)

 After lots of coffee tasting, we head to lunch for Pepián served with fresh Guatemalan tortillas. The best Pepián I’ve ever had. It’s been a great day of tasting.


(Jonathan Meadows tastes coffee at La Esperanza)

Dan Griffin of Los Volcanes arrives this afternoon. He is based in the US to handle sales and logistics support. Brian Speckman of Falcon Coffees is also arriving this afternoon. You may remember Brian from my trip to Colombia. Beyond excited to have these coffee people in the same room with me, let alone in Antigua! I get to spend the weekend hanging with everyone, a sweet way to wrap up another successful sourcing trip.


(Dan Griffin, Left - Brian Speckman, Left Center - Josué Morales, Right Center - Jonathan, Right)

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