sustainably sourced

We are deeply committed to quality and sustainability. Blending these values helps us reach new levels of care, attention to detail, and socioeconomic responsibility in the world of coffee.

Carefully roasted & brewed

Admittedly, we often nerd out about the precise preparations of the coffees we source, but we do so out of great respect for our customers and for the coffee farmers who make all this possible. We meticulously focus on every stage of a coffee’s production and preparation.


We source only the best coffee we can get our hands on, and we believe our job as coffee roasters is to maximize the vast potential of each coffee we offer. We roast and cup every coffee in celebration of the hard work that coffee producers have put into their crop year round, respecting their processes and the preparation and consumption of the coffee that will take place once it is in our hands.


One of the most widely enjoyed aspects of coffee is that it provides a nice jolt of caffeine that sends us all on our way to a land of productivity. However, coffee is more than a caffeinated commodity. Coffee is a work of art, a true form of culinary expertise and should be presented and enjoyed as such. We’re not saying that it would be wrong to enjoy coffee simply for the caffeination benefit. We are merely suggesting that this “slow coffee” approach gives coffee the higher standards it deserves and allows you to enjoy and savor the complex flavors it can offer.

using your senses

Beyond caffeine, what does the coffee have to offer? What aromas do you smell? What flavor notes do you taste? One of the biggest realizations to be made is that coffee doesn’t just taste like “coffee” any more than a Merlot just tastes like “wine”.


Sometimes there is nothing better than reflecting on what you are consuming. Your coffee was grown by a farmer, hand picked and processed, roasted to perfection and brewed for your cup. Let the depth of that journey enrich your coffee experience each day.