We have been helping others achieve their coffee dreams since 2009. We understand that your success is our success. When you partner with us, you get so much more than our sustainably sourced coffee. You will also receive free barista training from our experienced trainers, whenever you need it. We also offer discounted equipment sales, and tech service if you ever encounter a problem with your machines. We are excited to share our coffee, and experience with you. 

barista training

We offer free barista training, whenever you need it. Our experienced trainers will work with you, and your team to consistently achieve a high level of quality.

Online Ordering 

Placing orders is quick and easy through our online ordering portal, powered by BlueCart. We also sell many allied coffee products such as, Minor Figures Oat Milk, Kilogram Tea, Bhakti Chai, and Holy Kakow Syrups. 


We’ll work with you to select the right coffee equipment for your concept. We distribute equipment for most of the major coffee equipment brands. Our price will always beat what you see online, and we even install everything free of charge.  


We have skilled technicians on staff that will repair your equipment when you are in need. We will work with you to establish a preventative maintenance schedule to minimize unexpected equipment failure.  


We understand the many moving parts of operating a successful coffee program. Need help dialing in your espresso? We are always just a phone call, text or email away. Need coffee in a pinch? We are always happy to rush an order if you’re running low.


Our goal from the beginning was to establish long term sourcing relationships that coffee producers, and their families could count on year after year. We are proud to say that we’ve been sourcing coffee from many of the same producers for over 6+ years now, and are adding new sourcing relationships every year. 

We value our relationship with the people who grow our coffee just as much as we value our wholesale relationships. It is imperative that our sourcing relationships are equitable. We visit most of our producers every year, and pay top dollar for high-quality coffees. Our coffee producers receive between 40 to 60% above the Commodities Market value for their coffee. 


If you’re interested in bringing our world-class coffee into your cafe, restaurant or hotel:

Contact us Mon–Fri 9am-5pm  / 214-579-9110sales@cultivarcoffee.com.