Cream & Sugar Dark Roast

$ 15.00
Tax included.

100% Guatemala Cerro de Oro with dark roast profile

Flavor Notes: Smoky, Sweet, Chocolate

Region: Sierra de Las Minas, Guatemala, Central America

Growing Elevation: 1,650-1,800 MASL

Producer: Don Higinio Gomez

Variety: Caturra, Bourbon

Process: Washed

We are proud to present a dark roast for the coffee lover who prefers a little cream and sugar to round out their cup of coffee, a perfect way to ease into the morning.  

Cerro de Oro is located in the county of San Antonio La Paz in the department of El Progreso in Guatemala. Part of the mountain range known as Sierra de Las Minas. This is the highest non volcanic chain of mountains in Guatemala outside of the Huehuetenango Region.

This farm is owned and operated by Don Higinio Gómez and his wife doña Aura, who were among the first visionary farmers to transition into coffee over forty years ago. The farm has an extension of 35 hectares where yellow caturra, catuai, bourbon and castillo are grown under native forest shade. A micro climate of humid forest dominated by pine trees gives character to this coffee.

This lot is a washed process and is comprised of Yellow Caturra, Catuai and Bourbon.