El Salvador, Feb 20th, 2023

Rodrigo’s Cousin, Diego, is beginning to take over management of Finca Malacara. This morning, I am meeting Diego for the first time. I am nervous, so is he. But as we we make the 2 hour drive down the Panamerican highway to Finca Malacara, we quickly find a connection. Finca Malacara dates back to 1888 and is located just outside of Santa Ana. As we transition to the bumpy farm road, we are met with the smell of fermented coffee pulp used for fertilization and the drooping yellow Angel’s Trumpet flowers that I always love to look at. From the highest point on the farm (1650 masl) there is a breathtaking view of the Santa Ana Volcano.

Santa Ana Volcano

They mostly grow Red Bourbon here. What you know as “Finca Malacara Red” They also grow a bit of Yellow and Orange Bourbon, which we blend in equal parts with the Red Bourbon to create what you as “Tres Bourbon.” The Red Bourbon is also makes up 40% of our Elevation Blend

Red Bourbon Coffee Cherries

I’ve spent more time walking this farm than any other. It feels familiar, and comforting. There are roughly 125,000 coffee trees and 10,000 native shade trees on the 50-hectares that make up Malacara. The Inga trees have large leaves that provide shade as the coffee grows, allowing for a slow maturating of the coffee cherries. We finish our time at Malacara with some sandwiches under the tree that over looks the city of Santa Ana. A beautiful morning.

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