Colombia, Dec 3rd, 2022

Colombia. A land full of diverse coffee that I have yet to visit, a place that I have long dreamed of. That all changes now. Today, I am on a flight out of DFW to Miami and then onto Cali, Colombia - about 10 hours of travel.

Tomorrow, I’m meeting up with Brian Speckman of Falcon Coffees, an importing company that sources coffee for roasting companies and also handles the logistics of bringing in directly sourced coffees. Brian is the man who coordinates all of the logistics in moving all of the coffee that Cultivar Coffee sources from all around the world. Brian also connects Cultivar Coffee with some amazing coffees and coffee producers; namely the coffees we roast from Peru, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Mexico, and after this trip, probably Colombia. So, Brian is THE man, and I couldn’t be more excited to spend the week traveling Colombia with him. Coffee roasting companies don’t spend a lot of time talking about coffee importing companies, so this trip and round of blogging is dedicated to the work that Brian and the rest of the folks at Falcon Coffees does unbeknownst to most coffee consumers.

I’ve landed in Cali. Catching a taxi is quick and I am on my way to the hotel in Cali for $57,000 pesos ($12 USD). I grab some late night empeñadas and a cerveza. Tomorrow we drive 4 hours southwest to Popayán. 

December 03, 2022 — Jonathan Meadows

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