Peru Gabriel Delgado

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Notes: Chocolate, Stone fruit, Nuts

Location: South America 

Elevation: 2005 MASL

Producer: Gabriel Fernandez Delgado

Variety: Caturra

Process: Washed & dried on raised beds/patios

Region: Huabal, Jaén, Cajamarca, Peru 

We source this coffee through Falcon Coffee. Falcon works directly with producers, to be able to control and improve the quality and have full financial traceability. This approach to sourcing allows Falcon to forge long term relationships directly with farmers, improve the coffee quality and increase producer household income.  

Gabriel Fernandez Delgado is the owner of one and a half hectares of coffee farm planted at 2005 masl. Gabriel grows predominantly caturra variety, which makes up this lot. Since Falcon started working with Gabriel in 2018 his coffee has improved considerably, having focused on improving the quality of the cherry selection in picking. This improvement has seen his coffee improve by 3 points, which has resulted in a considerable increase in his income, which is especially important given how little land he owns. Gabriel picks and processes his coffee with the help of his family.