Decaf Guatemala

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Flavor Notes: Smooth, Smoky, Cocoa

Region: Finca Santo Tomás Pachuj, Atitlán, Guatemala

Growing Elevation: 1,400 - 1,800 MASL

Producer: Andres Fahsen

Process: Washed, Swiss Water Decaffeination

Andres Fahsen is the 5th generation coffee producer of the agro-forest farm, Santo Tomás Pachuj, located in the Atitlán region near Volcan Tolimán. This farm has been passed down from generation to generation for 150 years. At first, it was one part of a larger family farm named Pampojilá. In 1986, these farms split and Andres’ farm became Finca Santo Tomás Pachuj.

Pachuj is a Kaqchikel word (see footnote) meaning “where the mist meets the forest”. This word could not be more accurate in describing the micro-climate of the region. In between the lowlands and the highlands in the Atitlán region, there are high levels of humidity and many places where the clouds and the forests meet. The majority of the land on the Pachuj farm is a natural forest reserve. One can see the thriving biodiversity in the many different plants, animals and insects found amongst the farmland, contributing characteristics unique to these coffee crops.

Andres’ first memories were made at Finca Pachuj with his family, and he hopes that one day his daughter will be the 6th generation producer of this farm. He takes great pride in Pachuj’s ability to employ workers from this region with a living wage and a familial work atmosphere. He provides working benefits for his employees that are not common in most Guatemalan coffee farms. Andres also has a passion for sustainable, organic agro-forestry farming in order to protect and preserve the sublime land and life on the farm for generations to come.



*The Kaqchikel language is an indigenous Mesoamerican language and a member of the Quichean–Mamean branch of the Mayan languages family. It is spoken by the indigenous Kaqchikel people in central Guatemala. It is closely related to the Kʼicheʼ (Quiché) and Tzʼutujil languages.