Monthly Feature

Costa Rica El Paraiso Geisha

Tasting Notes: Baked peach, raspberry, and marzipan

The Geisha variety has come to be considered one of the most complex, intensely flavored and desirable profiles of all the coffee varietals. Today it is grown widely in Panama and Costa Rica, though the plant is relatively demanding. Its unique profile is best brought out when grown above 1,500 meters, and trees require a great deal of stringent and very particular care and maintenance.   

Although Geisha has relatively low productivity, it is somewhat resistant to coffee leaf rust and the fungus ‘Ojo de Gallo. These factors, combined with the high prices it commands at market, make it increasingly attractive to many farmers across Latin America. 

El Paraiso is owned by the Calderones family and managed by the daughters of Don Omar Calderon. The farm is located in Dota Valley, Tarrazu.