Costa Rica Eliomar

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Flavor Notes: Mandarin, Pecan, Toffee

Region: Naranjo, West Valley, Costa Rica, Central America

Growing Elevation: 1,600 MASL

Producer: Eliomar Lopez A.

Variety: Caturra, Catuai

Process: White Honey

We wanted to highlight a different flavor profile, so we looked to our friend Ricardo Perez at the Helsar Mill located in Costa Rica's West Valley, a region we had never featured before. This coffee is grown and processed near Naranjo, a canton in the Alajuela province, located about 50 km or 30 miles from Costa Rica's capital city of San Jose.

Ricardo pointed us to Eliomar Lopez, who grows Caturra & Catuai coffee trees and then delivers his coffee cherries to Ricardo Perez for processing. Eliomar and Ricardo have decided to use a white honey process, leaving a very light level of mucilage on the bean during the coffee drying process, which gives this coffee a nice boost of sweetness.