Guatemala Todos Santos

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Tasting Notes: Velvet, Walnut, Cacao

Roast Level: Light/Medium, roasted to highlight the coffee’s terroir characteristics

Region: Aldea Tuiboch, Todos Santos Cuchumatán, Huehuetenango, Guatemala 

Growing Elevation: 1400 - 1850 Meters Cooperativa Todos Santos

Producer: Cooperativa Todos Santos

Variety: Bourbon & Caturra

Process: Washed

Before reaching Todos Santos the road leads to the top of the Sierra de Los Cuchumatanes. The highest point in the road is 3,200 meters in altitude where the high plains above the mountains display a completely different ecosystem as the sun rays fall in the shape of a dome giving it a timeless feel. The town of Todos Santos is located at 2,400 meters and it's one of the few places where you drive down to the coffee plantations. From the town of Todos Santos another stretch of dirt roads need to be crossed before getting to the village of Tuiboch, where the coffee is grown. Coffee starts growing here at 1,800 and goes down to 1,400 meters where it thrives in the warmer winds of the valleys formed by the Rio Ocho. A series of communities are divided by this river formed by eight different rivers.

The Cooperative is composed of 55 producers who all belong to the Mayan Mam ethnic group. The smallest farms have an extension of half a hectare and the bigger ones have up to 10 hectares.

Coffee is processed in the house of each producer, and sun dried either in small patios or in roof tops. The coffee is then consolidated at the Cooperative warehouse in the village of Tuiboch and is then sent to Huehuetenango. The Cooperative warehouse also features a health clinic which provides all people in the area access to visits from Doctors that come up to the village every couple of months.