Topo Chico Bottle Soy Candles

$ 17.00
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Are you fan of hand poured scented candles? Check out our selection of Henry's Daughter Decor Topo Chico Bottle Soy Candles. Their candles are handmade from recycled and upcycled bottles, most they collect from local restaurants.

FIG & MUSK: complex and bright fig matched with rich wood, musk and jasmine notes

GRAPEFRUIT MINT: fruity grapefruit paired with fresh mint and notes of lavender, rose, lemon and bergamot

A Word From Henry’s Daughter Decor: We want our products to create an environment for you. To take you back to happy memories or to give you a reason to create a moment of peace and relaxation. Smell is one of The Five Senses, and burning a candle with a scent that makes you feel something is a luxury that everyone should experience. our candles are handmade by Leah + Francisco in Dallas, Texas. We love creating and working with our hands, and it was important to us to make products that keep the environment in mind.